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Are you are stressed, anxious or depressed? Do you find it hard to have a good night's sleep? Call 07872 62 64 57

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Foot Reflexology

"I have now had several treatments with Marian and can't rate her highly enough. Amazing reflexology; feet and face, which have completely blown me away. One thing I find Marian gives you more than anything is her time, to work with you to get the most out of the session. Will continue with regular sessions to improve my health and well-being throughout 2018 and beyond. Thank you Marian"

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Here is a short video from the AoR telling you a little more about what to expect:

Your first session includes a life style and general health consultation which highlights which areas of your feet I will need to focus on.

Everything is confidential and this usually lasts around 20 minutes and is included in the price of the first treatment.

Any questions you may have can be asked at any point during this time. You will then be asked to sign a disclaimer to say that you have understood what I have explained to you and are happy to start.

If having foot reflexology, then I will ask you to sit on my very comfortable reclining reflexology chair and I will remove your socks and shoes.

I will then recline the chair backwards and provide you with a blanket to cover you ensuring your comfort at all times.

After a brief examination of the tone, colour and temperature of your feet I will cleanse your feet to remove any sock fluff or dust and begin by massaging your feet to relax them and you.

I then ask you to take three deep breaths and begin. It is your treatment so if you choose to talk that is acceptable but I often find it is more beneficial to switch off completely and relax.

Session lasts 60 mins and allows time for initial meet and greet and returning back to a more alert state at the end.

Hand Reflexology

With hand reflexology, the same consultation happens; the only difference being that you keep your footwear on and can either sit in a regular chair or recline back in my chair with a pillow underneath your forearm along the arm of the chair. These sessions are not as long so more suited to the workplace or busy shopping centres or for those who do not like having their feet touched for whatever reason. They generally last 30 mins. Aftercare advice will again be given and points to work at home if appropriate.

Facial Reflexology

This is best performed lying on massage fully clothed except for your shoes. Full consultation will again have been taken beforehand.
Depending on the reason for having reflexology, this can be added on to other modalities such as natural face lift massage or done as a stand alone therapy for Half an hour.

Please contact me if you have a question not listed below. Remember your question and contact is important to me.

Marian is absolutely lovely, felt like I had known her for ages.
After an hour of reflexology, I feel the most relaxed I have in ages. Anyone feeling like they need rebalancing or just an hour of pure relaxation I would thoroughly recommend booking an appointment x CH

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does it hurt?
A. It may feel sensitive in certain areas if there is an energy blockage

Q. Does it tickle?
A. Not intentionally; the pressure is firmer than a tickle so most people over come any initial feelings of being ticklish.

Q. Will I feel ill afterwards?
A. You may experience a rebalancing which is different for each individual. Some feel shivery, or more hungry or thirsty or tired or need to visit the toilet more frequently or emotional but this generally passes after 24-48 hours and is helped by increasing your water intake during that time and "listening" to your bodies needs.

Q. What does "listening to your bodies needs" mean exactly?
A. In this over busy world we live in, we can lose the ability to tune into our body and feel, sense, listen to what it is telling us. Sometimes we misinterpret hunger for thirst so it is taking time out afterwards to rest where practical and be kind to ourself to help our body rebalance whatever it is that needs rebalancing. Sleep is a great healer allowing the body to recharge.

Q. Can I drink alcohol afterwards?
A. No it is not advisable as the body is trying to detox and adding alcohol into the mix makes the body work even harder.

Q. Can I go out afterwards for a night out?
A. This varies from person to person. Some will just want to go straight to bed, others will feel energised but not over doing it is the key thing here.

Q. How can "massaging" my feet help me sleep better?
A. Firstly, reflexology is not massage. Your feet are massaged initially to warm them up.
By applying pressure to the reflex associated with the gland associated with sleep regulation in your brain. Each area of the foot corresponds to an organ or system or area in your body.

Q. I have been really emotional lately, what if I start crying?
A. We all hold emotions in sometimes so it is not unusual to feel a bit weepy during a session but it quickly passes and is all part of clearing out the old. I can pause briefly while you compose yourself and continue. Please don't worry, I have seen it before.

Q. I have a serious undiagnosed medical condition, can I have reflexology?
A. Not until a diagnoses has been made and you gain written permission from your medical practitioner or specialist.

Q. Is the session confidential?
A. Absolutely.

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Please note: Reflexology should not be used as an alternative to seeking conventional medical advice.

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